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  • Name: Vanessa
  • Age: 45
  • Occupation: Retail manager
  • Hair: Bobbed and straight red hair
  • Eyes: Deep blue
  • Skin: Caucasian - Fair
  • Height: Tall
  • Build: Skinny
  • Chest: Average
  • Fucking over the phone is what I do best, and getting you off is my personal mission.

    I love all men with fetishes, and let’s be honest, all men have a kinky little fantasy hidden in their minds.
    Maybe you like the feel of my stockings as I suck your throbbing cock, or maybe you like to be pissed on, or maybe you’ve been naughty and need to be spanked.

    Nothing is too dirty, kinky or extreme!

    If you want to live that secret fantasy,
    call 01489 866617 and ask for Vanessa

You are here: Our Girls » Vanessa