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  • Aisha

    22 year old Student

    I am a good girl and I am keeping myself for marriage. I still have desires and enjoy teasing guys, I just do it in a subtle way.
    I am at University, sharing a …

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  • Holly

    22 year old Writer (P/T)

    You might be wondering what I write?
    Well, would you be surprised if I told you I write about my favourite fantasies?

    I’ve been doing this since I was …

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  • Justine

    37 year old Police officer

    I am a strict stern mistress, in fact I’m a complete Bitch and I love giving total domination,
    any attempt to resist me is pathetic.

    My way IS the only …

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  • Keira

    26 year old Dental Receptionist

    I am a beautiful ebony woman and I love sex, I just can’t get enough!

    I like both men and women and absolutely love getting the best of both in a sexy three …

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  • Lynsey

    33 year old Delivery driver (P/T)

    I love doing calls from home especially the type of calls where I get to pretend. Sometimes I’m the sexy neighbour, or the flatmate caught masturbating or caught in …

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  • Sam

    21 year old Pole dancer

    I guess I have always been a bit of a show off and a rebel, and I absolutely love sunbathing nude and showing my body off.

    I also love being touched, not just …

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  • Tanya

    47 year old Housewife

    Yes, I really am a housewife, happily married with kids but I get bored at home sometimes, sitting on my own, and love to chat.

    I have often been told that I h …

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  • Vanessa

    45 year old Retail manager

    Fucking over the phone is what I do best, and getting you off is my personal mission.

    I love all men with fetishes, and let’s be honest, all men have a kinky …

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  • Victoria

    42 year old Nurse

    I am skilled at many types of seductive, sensual humiliation including cuckold and masturbation humiliation, but my favourite has got to be small dick humiliation.

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    and ask for Victoria

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