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  • Name: Aisha
  • Age: 22
  • Occupation: Student
  • Hair: Bobbed and wavy brown hair
  • Eyes: Light brown
  • Skin: Caucasian - Light tan
  • Height: Short
  • Build: Slim
  • Chest: Average
  • In to: Oral Anal Breasts
  • I am a good girl and I am keeping myself for marriage. I still have desires and enjoy teasing guys, I just do it in a subtle way.
    I am at University, sharing a house with 3 girls. I have learnt a few things from them and their boyfriends, and I have some eye opening experiences.

    I saw my friend’s boyfriend masturbating, seeing the girls nude, touching themselves and I’ve been caught playing with myself.

    If you can teach me something new,
    call 01489 866 623 and ask for Aisha

  • Oral

    As I'm saving my virginity, I've had plenty of practice doing other things, including oral sex.

    I love to start slow, gently kissing the tip, then I start to lick it like a lollipop. When you start to move your hips, I'll slide you into my mouth and gently suck the tip of your cock.

  • Anal

    Well, a girl can only save so much virginity. I've had anal sex a few times, and it's quite intense.

    If you're a good boy, I might let you have a special treat. So long as you promise to be gentle and go slow, we can try anal sex. But you'll have to use a lot of lube, as I'm still very tight.

  • Breasts

    My tits aren't exactly huge, but they are sensitive.

    I enjoy having my nipples stroked and rubbed, and I get really wet when they are sucked on.

    I've found that guys like rubbing their cocks against my tits, feeling my hard nipples pressing against their swollen end. Want to know how it feels?

  • If you can teach me something new,
    call 01489 866 623 and ask for Aisha

You are here: Our Girls » Aisha