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Anal live phone sex.

Each and every one of these girls is into anal...

Choose one of the filthy girls below - all of them like spreading their cheeks, or bending you over.

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  • Aisha

    Well, a girl can only save so much virginity. I've had anal sex a few times, and it's quite intense.

    If you're a good boy, I might let you have a special treat. So long as you promise to be gentle and go slow, we can try anal sex. But you'll have to use a lot of lube, as I'm still very tight.

    Call 01489 866 623
    and ask for Aisha

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  • Holly

    Show me a modern girl that doesn't like a nice hard cock up her arse!

    My first arse fucking was at a little party a few years ago.
    It's something I'd often wondered about, but never had the never to mention to my boyfriend at the time.
    But there I was, a tipsy little blonde, and one of the guys that had been staring at my tits and arse all night cornered me as I cam out of the bathroom. Within minutes we were back in the bathroom, snogging, hands everywhere.
    Then he came round behind me, slipping my short skirt up and whispered that he was going to fuck my hot little arse!

    He told me to get on all fours, and I did.
    He told me to wiggle my arse, and I did.
    He told me to tell him if I licked what he was doing (sliding his tongue all over my tight little hole), and I did (I really did!).
    When he slipped a finger up my arse, I couldn't help but moan, and I automatically pushed my butt backwards, trying to take more of it.

    We found some lube in the bathroom cabinet (not a surprise, as my friend Janice is as dirty as I am), and I had my first arse fucking.
    It's completely different to normal sex - it was so intense, I didn't realise how wet I'd get, or how hard I would cum!

    Since then, I've had anal sex quite often. But only when the guys take charge.
    There's just something about having a man tell you to spread your cheeks that makes it so much more delicious!

    Call 01489 866 623
    and ask for Holly

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  • Lynsey

    I don't do anal sex - but I do love my arse being played with.

    I want you to grab my butt as I straddle, and give it a good squeeze. If we change to the doggy position, you can slap my cheeks as you thrust into me.

    When I'm about to cum, slip the tip of a finger into my tight hole and feel my arse squeeze and clench as I orgasm.

    Call 01489 866 623
    and ask for Lynsey

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