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Feminisation live phone sex fantasies

Whether you're a pretty or a sissy...

Sometimes, it's hard being a man all day long!
You have to hide the desire to put on a frock and show your inner woman.

Don't worry, they won't tell! But they know what you want to hear, and how you want to be treated.
Just see which of the girls below will call you about your hidden female side.


Is it simply that your a pathetic excuse for a man?
It's not about your feelings, it's about how small your cock is, and that your really a big sissy!

Don't you worry, some of our girls know exactly what you deserve!
Call now and wear what they tell you to, bitch.

  • Holly

    My guilty little secret - I like girly-boys!

    Talking, stroking, gentle moments, someone that appreciates beauty and emotion
    that I can share things with - including teasing touches.

    I'm not a lesbian - but there is something about a guy in stockings that gets me wet
    and I love playing dressup (we can share outfits!).

    The fact that I can kiss, cuddle and have girly talk is just an added bonus.

    Call 01489 866 623
    and ask for Holly

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  • Justine

    My oh my - guess who's going to get it?
    I'm going to tart you up, and treat you like the little slut you are!

    But now I'm faced with difficult questions!
    Do I dress you up and fuck you with a toy, or my big strapon cock,
    or should I lay back and let the sissy boy eat my pussy?

    Call 01489 866 623
    and ask for Justine

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You are here: Your Fantasies » Feminisation