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Humiliation live phone sex fantasies

These girls will humiliate you...

Some of the girls just like forcing you to do disgusting things,
others will laugh at your pathetic limp dick,
or they will make you wear their clothes and act like a slut.

The simple truth is, you can't handle a real woman - so they will treat you like the worthless, pitiful piece of shit you are!

  • Justine

    Tiny cocks make me angry, and I Spank when I'm angry!
    So, do you have a tiny cock?

    Be warned - if you are truly pathetic, I'll dress you up like a slutty little dolly, and take pictures of you as I stroke you little penis ...
    just don't cum over my dress-up clothes, or you'll be punished!

    Call 01489 866 623
    and ask for Justine

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You are here: Your Fantasies » Humiliation