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  • Name: Justine
  • Age: 37
  • Occupation: Police officer
  • Hair: Long and straight brown hair
  • Eyes: Light brown
  • Skin: Caucasian - Light tan
  • Height: Tall
  • Build: Slim
  • Chest: Average
  • In to: Oral | Domination | Feminisation | Humiliation
  • I am a strict stern mistress, in fact I’m a complete Bitch and I love giving total domination,
    any attempt to resist me is pathetic.

    My way IS the only way and I am always looking for fresh meat to play with.
    I might make you crawl on all fours before me or I might spank you with my paddle. Any failure to please me WILL result in cruel discipline. If you’re a sissy slave, you have permission to amuse me.

    call 01489 866617 and ask for Justine

  • Oral

    You can lick my boots! IF you beg, I might let you lick my pussy.

  • Domination

    This is what gets me off. I won't just take control, I'll force you to fuck me.
    I'll tie you up, tie you down or jsut handcuff you to something. Once I know you're secure, I'll tease you, slap you and work you up to a frenzy.
    But you won't cum!
    I will not let you cum!

    I get to cum. I can get off spanking and slapping you, making you beg, making you bark like a dog or sing like a girl as I squeeze your nuts in one of my gloved hands.

    When I decide, I'll straddle your pathetic cock and slam my pussy down on it. I'll ride you hard and fast till I climax.

    Only once I've cum will I think about letting you - and you had better of been a good little bitch, or I'll just hang up!

  • Feminisation

    My oh my - guess who's going to get it?
    I'm going to tart you up, and treat you like the little slut you are!

    But now I'm faced with difficult questions!
    Do I dress you up and fuck you with a toy, or my big strapon cock,
    or should I lay back and let the sissy boy eat my pussy?

  • Humiliation

    Tiny cocks make me angry, and I Spank when I'm angry!
    So, do you have a tiny cock?

    Be warned - if you are truly pathetic, I'll dress you up like a slutty little dolly, and take pictures of you as I stroke you little penis ... just don't cum over my dress-up clothes, or you'll be punished!

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You are here: Our Girls » Justine